Mary Scourboutakos - Headshot - October 2015

Dr. Mary Sco. is a “double-doctor” who is devoted to nutrition and disease prevention.

Mary completed a PhD (in nutritional sciences) and MD at the University of Toronto. She is a Vanier Scholar whose published research has helped influence public policy at City Hall and Queen’s Park. In addition, Mary is an avid science communicator who is committed to spreading the word about the importance of eating-well as a means to live optimally.

IG: @dr.mary.sco


My Story…

My interest in nutrition began when as a young child, I observed my Mom cooking…

1 yr old Mary on Kitchen Counter-1990

Okay, for real, my interest in (or rather, obsession with) nutrition started with a science fair project when I was 16….

Mary at the Science Fair - 2006

From there I pursued my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, double majoring in nutritional sciences and music. When I graduated…

Mary's Graduation from U of T - 2011

…I created a fruit sculpture to celebrate…

Mary with Fruit Sculpture

…and then started my PhD, where I conducted nutrition research.

Mary and McDonalds Sign

I completed my PhD…


…and MD at the University of Toronto.


Today I’m a resident physician in Family Medicine in Toronto.


Overall, my goal is to promote healthy eating as a means to live optimally…(note the fruit in my hand…not the words on my t-shirt)…

Picture of Mary with Bananas

…and hopefully clarify some of the confusion that surrounds nutrition.

Mary in the Grocery Store

In my spare time I enjoying playing the piano…

Me Playing the Piano at Massey

…tennis, yoga, running, walking, embroidery, writing and reading.

Mary at City Lights

You can read even more about me here and here.

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